Confident to Repair a Dishwasher Yourself? Brave Choice

Hello, my name is Victor and I am an electrical engineer. Lately I see more and more articles about “How to repair a dishwasher yourself” and I can tell you this: if you want to live another day – let the competent guy do that.

I get at least a call a week, where someone tried to repair a dishwasher and ended up causing more problems than there was in the beginning. And who’s to blame?? Internet? Media? Stupidity? Or should I say “personal confidence”? It is very easy now to Google how to repair a dishwasher and loads of advice comes up. Read through, grab a screwdriver and start repairing or should I say saving 100s of dollars…

The reality is only a handful of people succeed in that dishwasher repair san gabriel. If you’re about to jump out of the plane and you known that you don’t have a parachute, would you still jump? Probably you read about “how to jump out of plane without a parachute” somewhere, but would you still do it?

Same here, if you don’t have technical knowledge – don’t do it. Let the person who knows what he does to do your repairs. A couple days ago I met a guy who got nearly killed by electricity when he touched a live wire with a screwdriver…he was lucky just by getting a burn on his hand.

The majority of self taught “technicians” end up causing more problems then there was in a first place, still have to call a real technician, and have to pay more than it would cost at the beginning. The only things I would advice to do yourself is to check whether you got power supply at the socket (if the dishwasher doesn’t turn on), check filters inside the dishwasher (if the dishwasher doesn’t drain) and check if you got the water supply to the dishwasher (if no water goes into the dishwasher) All the rest of the dishwasher repairs leave to a specialist.

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